Uno Business Hotel

Uno Business Hotel is borne out of the need to provide decent and affordable accommodation to all the visitors of the most progressive city in the Province of Bukidnon: Valencia.

Fifty years ago, Sitio Panlibatuhan, Valencia’s old name, was just a small part of Barangay Mailag, Municipality of Malaybalay. But despite its size, it’s strategic location and favorable climate provided an atmosphere that attracted traders and intellectuals to transact businesses here. Eventually, the comings and goings of commerce and education watered Valencia’s growth. In 1961, Valencia’s economy and population grew big enough to qualify as a municipality: Valencia Bukidnon was born.

Fast forward to decades later, Valencia became a component city of Bukidnon in 2001. It’s growth was so phenomenal that accolades upon accolades were bestowed to what was once a lowly sitio. Now, Valencia is the Business Capital of the Province as well as its Food Basket City, the Province’s Rice Capital, its Most Progressive and Most Populous city. Due to this growth, local and international visitors come to Valencia for business and pleasure. Seeing this, Uno Business Hotel was developed to ensure that the city’s guests are taken cared of.

Our warm, affordable and modern accommodation is a reflection of Valencia’s history and its possibilities. Our food palates mirror Valencia’s dynamic culture and its long and colorful gastronomic tradition. When you stay at Uno Business Hotel, you do not only visit or city, you take part in its history.

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